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When planned and executed properly, the investment in an ERP solution is compelling, given its return on efficiency, profitability, and competitive positioning. However, if you fail to set strategic business goals, forgo process improvements and overlook employee knowledge growth, your new ERP investment will fall far short of its potential and financial payback.

For manufacturing companies worldwide, selecting the right ERP software is a small part of the journey to realizing optimal success. As a leading developer of Adaptive Enterprise Solutions, Software 21 brings a unique and comprehensive approach to the all important ERP implementation process designed for maximum ROI and long-term success. Software 21's proven approach blends technology with Planning, People, Process and Integration to transform the traditional enterprise into an Adaptive Enterprise capable of anticipating and quickly responding to business growth, changing market conditions and evolving customer needs.

The Plan - Your Roadmap to Success -

To assure that your implementation costs and expectations are properly managed, it is imperative you develop a business plan set against the ERP project. Defining your plan with actionable goals and objectives lays the groundwork for identifying new opportunities, while best leveraging your new ERP technology. As the implement- tion unfolds, build in the necessary measurements and controls to test and evaluate the projects progress against the plan, maximizing your probable return on investment and long-term success.

People - The Critical Component -

Your ERP implementation and resulting drive to become an Adaptive and Agile company, is only as good as the people skills and commitment supporting the project. Nurture your employees knowledge through on-going training and education, so they can perform at their highest potential. Fill the probable knowledge gap, by encouraging their development to embrace new business methods, standards and practices they will be asked to implement.

Process Change - Your Opportunity to Innovate -

Process change cannot be ignored. Same habits will breed same results. In order to become an Adaptive Enterprise, best practice and methods must be employed. You must identify and deploy processes that advance speed, flexibility and innovation, creating an agile business platform ready for any business challenge.

Integration - The Component Which Binds it all together -

When you implement your new ERP solution, focus carefully on all of the integration touch points including third party software, hardware platforms, data collection devices, trading partners and the web. You need to confirm and implement a fully integrated strategy for all of the IT components you will be supporting and relying upon to deliver a robust, real-time and effective ERP solution for your customers, employees and supply chain so dependent upon it

Without all the above elements working in concert as set forth in your ERP implementation methodology, your business goals and opportunities will fail to materialize. However, with Software 21, your company will move beyond just the technology alone, and transform itself into an agile adaptive enterprise that can rapidly bend, move and respond to challenges and opportunities, without losing a single step in its competitive race.

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