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IBM - xServer 3200 Configured for FlexGen 4 - AE:

xServer 3200 to include:
8 GB Main Memory
Intel processor - 3.2 GHz
Microsoft Windows 2008 - Server or AIX
(2) 420 GB, 7.2k RPM Hard Drives
Imbedded Intel Pro Gigabit NIC
Please Note: This hardware configuration is to be used for the FlexGen 4 - AE Application Server only, not workstations. This configuration will support up to (30) concurrent users.
Database Software:
IBM - U2 - SQL Release 8.0
Database Pricing - $7,750.00 per (10) concurrent users

If you need assistance in implementing your new FlexGen 4 - AE solution, please visit our Customer Care link to review our list of customer care services and associated fees.

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